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Maybe you’re already involved in coaching your clients employees. If not, you should be. It can be a giant selling point. Especially in a rapidly developing industry where new techniques or technology are coming online all the time. You’re probably aware of the high value to your clients that special training can be. If you are the one to provide it you set yourself even more firmly in your clients good graces.

Perhaps you could coach or run workshops for people trying to break into your industry. Think about teaching a class for a continuing education program. Depending upon the subject matter there is a good chance your book could be used as a textbook or reference for your coaching class.

Whether you provide the book to the group free of charge or include it in the fee for the class, imagine your students response when they see your photo and bio on the back cover and your name as author on the front. It’s bound to make a hit and there’s no telling how many others they will tell about it or show it to.

Be sure to have some extra copies on hand as some may ask to buy a copy for a friend or colleague. One of the biggest incentives for anyone to read a book is to have it gifted by a friend. Once your book starts to find its way into the hands of the public there’s no telling who will respond to the links in it.

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