Shield of Drani (World of Drani Book 1) Melonie Purcell

One planet rich in fuel. Two psychic talents are required to mine it. Three species seeking control.

Taymar is telekinetic, violent and deadly. She is also the first of her kind to be telepathic as well, making her an intolerable threat to the ruling species of her home planet. They want to control her. To tame her. She just wants to be free.

A cruel twist of fate has Nevvis tasked with managing Taymar when he is supposed to be managing a planet on the verge of war. But, she is hard to ignore and impossible to forget.

When the Shreet invaders attack, Taymar jumps at the chance to escape. Nevvis would love nothing better than to let her go, but he can’t. If he is to save their home from the Shreet, he must twist her into a weapon and somehow convince her to help save a planet that has only ever tried to destroy her.

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Shield of Drani (World of Drani Book 1)


Stealing Ireland: A Short Angelique S. Anderson

With a dark past and much to hide, Patience Cornelia runs away to Grennan, Ireland to get a new start.
All is going well as she finds employment with a lonely widow, and soon falls for the handsome Lionel Brewer, who is recently engaged.
When a strange drifter comes to town, and her shop burns to the ground, Patience is sure everything she has fought to build is done for.
Will Patience be able to take back her life, win the heart of the man she loves, and solve the mystery surrounding Grennan?
Or will her dark past finally come back to haunt her?
Find out in Stealing Ireland!

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Stealing Ireland: A Short Story


Christmas in Holly Springs: A Short Rose Castro

Regina Blackwell didn’t know her father. At the age of sixteen, she lost her mother. There’d always been a sense of emptiness and a yearning for belonging, that she could not placate. Of course, her mother’s estranged family didn’t help. But, Stephanie, Regina’s best friend, did her best to fill the void.
College took Regina to Seattle, and her career kept her there. However, change was in the air when her employer was forced to make drastic cuts, which resulted in her taking unexpected time off. Coincidentally, this led to a chain of events that had her packing and on her way to unravel the mystery that was her father. Soon, Regina was on her way to Holly Springs, Arkansas, a small country village in the middle of nowhere USA, at least that was how she’d perceived it.
Holly Springs held more than just the answers she’d been looking for; it held a chance encounter with one, handsome, Charles Vandermark.

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Christmas in Holly Springs: A Short Story

A Steampunk Christmas Carol: The Dracosinum Angelique S. Anderson

In book three of the Dracosinum Tales, A Steampunk Christmas Carol, Professor Langdon has taken over Octagon Inn, and the lives of those around him. Selfish and greedy, no one can do right by him, and he even goes so far as to cut the wages of those working at the inn.
Lord Adrian and Lady Wylie are still mourning the loss of their friend, Professor Cornelius, and are sure that the dreams Adrian had for his esteemed steam-powered carriage setting the precedence for transportation in 1850’s New York, are a thing of the past. As Professor Langdon has his own agenda with Adrian’s carriage.
Can a down-trodden ghost and three of the celestial beings known as the Immortal Ones, along with a feisty dragon, change Langdon’s heart and mind, in time for the Christmas season?
Find out in this fun steampunk twist on a classic tale!

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A Steampunk Christmas Carol: The Dracosinum Tales

The Phoenix Angelique S. Anderson

In the dashing sequel to The Dragon Lady, Lord Adrian McCollum has been invited to an inventor’s symposium to present his steam-powered carriage. Engaged to marry Wylie Petford, the half-dragon love of his life, he accepts and they travel to America. Everything is looking up for them.
Until Wylie loses the one thing that helps her transform into a dragon every night. Her Dracosinum.
As Wylie deteriorates to deathly ill, Lord Adrian grows desperate in trying to stop what’s happening to her.
In his desperation, he reaches out to The Gods, the creators of the Dracosinum.
Their answer back is a flaming bird beast of mythological proportions.
Long Island New York has never seen a tale like this- The Phoenix Lord is ready to take you on a steampunk ride full of villains, evil beasts, and magical mischief!

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The Phoenix Lord (The Dracosinum Tales)

Elemental Rose Castro

Vengeful deities. Powerful ancient weapons in the hands of teenagers. The future of humankind in the balance and just a touch of romance.
As painful tragedy causes young Viviana Magnus to seek escape, her dreams transport her back in time, from her cloudy Seattle home, to the sun-drenched Aztec Empire. Her encounters with the handsome young general, Tadeo, and his army seem a welcome diversion.
A strange, all-consuming fire begins to grow within Viviana, and she discovers her family has been keeping a dark secret from her. The dreams are preparing her to fulfill her destiny.
As the new world collides with the old, Viviana learns she is one of the Elemental Linx, a tetrad of powerful new era Gods and Goddesses. Would Cali find her ‘Happily Ever After?’ Or, would fate threaten the very soul of all those she loved?

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Elemental Linx (The Tetrad Prophecy)

A Shining Rose Castro

After the death of her beloved Miss Taylor, Cali Malone found herself at a crossroads in her young life. She’d already suffered more than seemed realistic at her sixteen years of age. Still, she managed to find the strength from within, held onto her unwavering faith and looked toward the future. A future she did not see coming.

Now, she faced the choice to chase her career-driven dreams or continuing at the very place that had offered her hope when she was just nine years old. What she never saw coming was love. A notion she’d chalked off for everyone but herself.

Would Cali find her ‘Happily Ever After?’ Or, would fate threaten the very soul of all those she loved?

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A Shining Star

Eden's Demise: Eden Series-Book Angelique S. Anderson

Under witness protection, Adam and Evelyn have just returned from their honeymoon. Evelyn isn’t convinced they are safe from Lars Morello.
Lars escapes jail, and things take a turn for the worse in a place called the ‘Arena’ where work for Lars and his assistant.
The Serum has been rejuvenated, and rather than provide immortality, Lars has something worse in mind. Something that will turn humanity into a weapon.
The question is, how many people will have to die before it is perfected?
A thrill ride from start to finish, Eden’s Demise is full of plenty of twists and turns!

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Eden’s Demise: Eden Series-Book Two     

The Dragon Angelique S. Anderson

Wylie Petford suffers extreme tragedy, only to discover that her life holds great purpose. The Dracosinum, a magical device, is the key to her heritage which will unlock her future while leaving her love, Lord Adrian, in the past. The loss of her closest friendship, the taking over of her home and town by the villainous Lord Jameston Ukridge…. is there no good to come from her life? Now, with the odds stacked against her, she has one chance to become who she was destined to be, escape her shackles and defeat Lord Jameston. 19th Century London has seen nothing like this – The Lady Dragon is ready to sweep you up in a steampunk world full of corsets, steam-powered gadgets, and dastardly villains.Preparing for Armageddon, Natural
Disasters, Nuclear Strikes, the Zombie Apocalypse, and Every Other Threat to
Human Life on Earth      

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The Dragon Lady     

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