The Conversation Starter

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Have you ever been stuck for a topic of conversation at a party or a business lunch? If you have had your very own book published you’ll always have something to talk about.

Somebody says, “What have you been up to lately?” and you casually reply, “Well, I just had a book published.” Don’t you think that would fuel your conversation for a while? If that book happens to promote your business, so much the better.

After that first casual mention, it’s not too likely you will have to mention it again at that particular event. Others will do that for you. The word will spread rapidly and you’ll be surprised at the number of folk mentioning it to you, pumping you for more information.

Almost everyone has a secret desire to write a book. When they discover you have done so, they will be fascinated. You would do well to have some extra copies of your book on hand at all times, whether you wish to give it away or sell it, you are liable to have many requests.

Obviously giving your book away to those who show a particular interest in your subject matter will have the huge potential of getting you talked about long after the event, and in a surprising variety of unrelated venues.

If you wish to be even more subtle, prearrange to have a friend mention your book to a couple of people at the party and let them bring up the topic when talking to you. This will lend you an even bigger aura of mystery, and people will think they’ve discovered your little secret on their own. ¬†They will be most grateful to your friend for supplying them with a topic of conversation.

Now it only remains for you to be humble and modest and let folks pry the details out of you. A quiet self-effacing manner will win you far more fans than a boastful attitude. Just be sure to let them know what benefits they would reap from reading the book. Remember what people are really interested in is “What’s in it for them?”.

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