The Ultimate Business Card

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If you’ve ever tried to design your own business card you know how limiting the real estate is on that tiny piece of card stock. Now picture the back cover of a paperback book. Wow! Suddenly the sky is the limit.

The back of a book can include a photo of the author, a short biography, a web address or two, a mailing address and even a phone number. Rather than include a phone number and address though, you may choose to slip a business card inside the book to be used for a bookmark.

Of course much more information can be included within the pages of the book but it’s that back cover that is instantly accessible and hopefully eye-catching.

The important thing though is not so much the information included, but how the item will get treated once you hand it over to a business prospect or potential client.

What do most people do with a business card when you hand it over? Some will slip it in a pocket. This works well till laundry day or a trip to the dry cleaners. That’s when most of those cards will disappear. Some will carefully tuck it away in wallet or purse. It may as well be the Grand Canyon as most of those cards never put in an appearance again until clean-out day at some point in the far distant future.

You may be lucky. Perhaps the person you give your card to will be one of those super organized individuals who owns a business card file. Have you ever tried to search for a particular business card in one of those things. Your only hope is that the person has it arranged alphabetically and they remember your name and/or the name of your company.

An even more organized person may have the ability to scan your card into there super phone and make it available for electronic search. This works really well until their phone dies. Most people don’t back up these records even though they know how important it is to do so.

Now lets picture giving your prospect your shiny new book. Most people place much more value on a book and they will either place it on their desk or a book shelf within easy reach. Some will take it home and put it on the nightstand beside their bed. They may actually take your book to bed that night and spend time perusing the valuable information you have provided for them.

Now which item do you think they’ll know exactly where to lay there hands on when they think about you, ¬†your business card or that valuable book? And of course you’ll be at the top of their mind whenever their eyes fall upon your book as opposed to your business card which has long since disappeared.

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