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As you no doubt know, waiting rooms are one of the few places where people have time to read. Most of the waiting rooms I’ve been in lately presented a rather dated pile of magazines, few for which I had any interest. And yet I found myself picking up the nearest one and leafing through it.


Depending on your particular field and what type of waiting rooms you spend time in, it might not hurt to drop a copy or two of your book on the table. Your book will likely remain there for quite some time and if it does appeal to someone enough for them to pick it up and take it home, all the better.


A lot of people have super phones or tablets with them these days and if they like what they see in your book they may very well decide to check out your website providing you have placed the link in a prominent position, preferably on the outside back cover along with your photo and personal info.


Of course in this instance a bright well designed cover is a good selling point as you will often be competing with glossy magazines for folks attention.


Don’t overlook the value of dropping a copy in the waiting room of the business you are visiting to make a sales presentation. Sure, you will give your interviewer a copy, but who knows who will be sitting in that waiting room next. If someone contacts you and mentions finding a copy of your book be sure to ask them where they found it, then make a note to leave more copies there in future.


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