Without Characters You Have No Story

I’ve read a lot of books in my 64 years on this earth and I’m here to tell you, without strong characters you have no story.

Some may argue they could write a book about robots. Then the robots become the characters. They may be mechanical and devoid of emotion but they are characters nonetheless and the way in which they interract with other characters in the story is what is going to encourage readers to stay with you.

I no some people struggle with character development. I’ve had my own trouble with that in the past. My biggest problem was keeping the different traits and details about each character straight. By the time you get to page 250 sometimes it’s hard to remember if they had blue eyes or brown or where they went to school

That’s why I created the Character Development page which you will now find in the menu at the top of this website. Originally I had intended it solely for the use of my editorial clients but then I realized all writers could benefit from it’s use so why not make it free and available for all?

Give it a try, you just may find it to be a useful tool.

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