Dragon Queen

In the final chapter of The Dracosinum Tales, we say goodbye to Wylie Petford. Instead follow her granddaughter, Temperance McCollum, on her own adventure full of dragons, spells, and of course… Quincy, the smart-aleck sidekick.

Temperance had grown up hearing the stories of the Teselym dragon, the balance of good, and the Siapheg dragon, the balance of evil. She knew the Immortal Ones had put a stop to such things as mankind eventually got more evil and corrupt. So when an evil queen hatches a diabolical plan to take over the kingdom, and start a war that will put her in the ultimate position of power,

Temperance must reach inside her and find a power she didn’t believe existed. It will take help from an unlikely source and a few friends along the way to help her overcome The Dragon Queen.