A missing girl. A vicious serial killer with an innocent man in his cross-hairs. Can an ancient Viking insignia be the key to his salvation?

Fifteen years after her disappearance, the insignia Eva wore lies glistening on a remote bush trail, forcing Aedan to relive the trauma of losing her. The grisly discovery of two bodies confirms his worst fears: that a vicious serial killer has come to taunt him and may be the only link to Eva’s disappearance. As Aedan strives to uncover the truth, he is plunged into the deadly Australian underworld of the drug trade, a dangerous world that tests his every skill. As the clues align, Aedan realizes that Eva could still be alive, or is she reaching out to help him from the grave? Just when all seems lost, the insignia delivers a strange dose of strength, one Aedan suspects will come at a terrible price.