The Dragon Lady

Wylie Petford suffers extreme tragedy, only to discover that her life holds great purpose. The Dracosinum, a magical device, is the key to her heritage which will unlock her future while leaving her love, Lord Adrian, in the past.

The loss of her closest friendship, the taking over of her home and town by the villainous Lord Jameston Ukridge…. is there no good to come from her life?

Now, with the odds stacked against her, she has one chance to become who she was destined to be, escape her shackles and defeat Lord Jameston. 19th Century London has seen nothing like this – The Lady Dragon is ready to sweep you up in a steampunk world full of corsets, steam-powered gadgets, and dastardly villains.Preparing for Armageddon, Natural

Disasters, Nuclear Strikes, the Zombie Apocalypse, and Every Other Threat to
Human Life on Earth