The Phoenix Lord

In the dashing sequel to The Dragon Lady, Lord Adrian McCollum has been invited to an inventor’s symposium to present his steam-powered carriage. Engaged to marry Wylie Petford, the half-dragon love of his life, he accepts and they travel to America. Everything is looking up for them.

Until Wylie loses the one thing that helps her transform into a dragon every night. Her Dracosinum.
As Wylie deteriorates to deathly ill, Lord Adrian grows desperate in trying to stop what’s happening to her.

In his desperation, he reaches out to The Gods, the creators of the Dracosinum.

Their answer back is a flaming bird beast of mythological proportions.

Long Island New York has never seen a tale like this- The Phoenix Lord is ready to take you on a steampunk ride full of villains, evil beasts, and magical mischief!