Editorial Services

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Initial Consultation and sample edit…………………………………………….FREE
Cover Copy Review…………………………………………………………………….$49.00
Editorial Assessment…………………………………………………………………$99.00
Copy Editing……………………………..$0.002 per word (5000 word minimum)
Line Editing……………………………….$0.003 per word (5000 word minimum)
Content Editing………………………….$0.004 per word (5000 word minimum)
Content Editing Plus…………………..$0.005 per word (5000 word minimum)
Developmental Editing…………………$0.0075 per word (5000 word minimum)
Preferred Editorial Package……………$0.01 per word (5000 word minimum)
(All prices in US Funds)

Our Cover Copy Review service can put your cover text ahead of the pack. As with all our services we use your ideas and don’t move ahead until you are completely satisfied with our suggestions.

As you proceed through the production of your book, you will need to submit material that will appear on the covers of your book. When you submit information about your book, we will take it and turn it into professional, marketable material that will appear on your back cover copy, hardcover dust jacket flaps (if applicable), author bio and any other areas you would like it to appear.

You may rest assured that our Cover Copy Review service will give your book the polish it deserves. $49.00

You want to give your readers a book you know they will enjoy and learn from, plus something that they will be proud to share. We know you have put a lot of time, energy and dedication into your manuscript, but even experienced authors overlook their own mistakes sometimes. Since the editorial quality of your book will have a huge impact on your readers and its ultimate success, it is important to have another set of professional eyes look over your book before it is published.

The Eye Edit Books Editorial Assessment examines a portion of your work (typically the first chapter or about 1,000 words) and provides you with a specific sample edit. This edit includes changes you can make to improve your book as well as a general overview of your manuscript with constructive comments for improvement. To be clear, this is not a full manuscript edit and should not replace the rest of Eye Edit Books’ editorial services.

The typical time frame for the Editorial Assessment is two to three weeks. After that time, your editor will provide suggestions for areas of improvement and tell you about other Eye Edit Books editorial services. It is up to you to decide if you would like to purchase those services from Eye Edit Books. If you choose to work with Eye Edit Books for the rest of your editorial needs, your manuscript will receive the utmost attention from one of our professional editors, who will address the issues raised in the assessment and help you make your book the best it can be.

Please Note: The Editorial Assessment is not a replacement for our editorial services. Rather, it is a preliminary diagnostic tool, examining sections of the manuscript in detail to pinpoint areas in need of improvement. Reviewers offer examples of items that could be strengthened and give critique and commentary across a range of topics.

Almost nothing compares to publishing a book that is well edited and flows in a way readers can understand with clarity. Choose to make your book the best it can be with our Editorial Assessment.  $99.00

Writing that is worth publishing is worth a careful edit. Your message deserves it, and so do your readers. It is what distinguishes a professional book from an amateur one. Even the best writers make mistakes, but thanks to professional copy editors, you can make sure that your readers never get to see them.

The Eye Edit Books Copy Editing service corrects and clarifies the completed manuscript, word by word, before the transition to a published book. It makes your writing more concise, clear, and appealing to your readers.

Our seasoned editors catch grammar mistakes and spelling errors before your book goes to press. Adhering to a strict editorial process, Eye Publish Books’ copy editors review your manuscript carefully, correcting errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. In addition, they will verify cross-references and impose industry-standard style considerations.

As always with Eye Edit Books, you retain full control of your work because you are free to accept or reject the changes we suggest.

Editor’s Note: Eye Edit Books Copy Editing service is based on the guidelines presented in the Chicago Manual of Style. Spelling is based on Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Almost nothing compares to publishing a book that is well edited and flows in a way readers can understand with clarity. Choose to make your book the best it can be with our Editorial Assessment. The typical timeline for this service is two to three weeks, depending on the work queue and the complexity of your manuscript. $0.002 per word (5000 word minimum)[/su_box]

It is extremely difficult to catch all the lurking typos and errors in your own work, even if you read it over and over again. Our Line Editing service provides a thorough correction of your manuscript to catch anything you may have overlooked. This includes catching mistakes in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and syntax. Recommendations on word choice and improving overall readability will also be provided. Using Microsoft Word®, your editor will track every change for you to approve or reject. This manner of editing ensures that you always have the final say in what happens to your book.

A detailed edit is extremely important to the overall quality of your book. Within two to three weeks, depending on our queue and the complexity of your work, your manuscript will be returned polished and ready for publishing. $0.003 per word (5000 word minimum)

When a Line Edit will not give your book, the polish it needs, bring in a more comprehensive edit, the Content Editing service. Your book will still receive a detailed Line Edit to catch grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, syntax, and word choice errors. Additionally, the Content Edit also monitors the consistency of information and ideas throughout the whole book. This is especially helpful to ensure that nonfiction books communicate a clear and consistent message and for fiction that your story line and facts remain consistent.

Make sure you’re communicating a clear message throughout your book with our Content Editing service. The typical timeline for this service is two to three weeks depending on our queue and the complexity of your work. $0.004 per word (5000 word minimum) 

This service is ideal for manuscripts that need more work on sentence structure and grammar than basic Content Editing can provide. In addition to performing the functions of a Line Edit, a content editor will work to ensure the general accuracy and consistency of content and focus on more extensive restructuring of sentences.

Professional editing helps your book’s marketability. We can generally complete this service in two to three weeks depending on our work queue and the complexity of your work. $0.005 per word (5000 word minimum)[/su_box]

 The Developmental Edit is the most comprehensive edit Eye Edit Books offers, combining the best of all of our editing services into three phases. You can rest assured that your book will be ready for the world to read after it undergoes our Developmental Edit.

For nonfiction books, the editor will confirm that your book meets the following standards: the content is relatable to the target audience; the book is organized; lists, and tables are used properly throughout the book; and concepts are developed appropriately.

For fiction books, the editor will ensure the plot flows well, the characters are consistent, and the whole story fits together.

Phase One: Developmental Edit A developmental editor gives your manuscript a high-level review at the paragraph, chapter, and book levels. The editor provides comments throughout the manuscript, to identify areas of your work that may need overall revisions.

Phase Two: Content Edit After any major content changes are made, the editor will continue the editing process with a Content Edit. The Content Edit is included in the Developmental Editing package. During this phase, errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure will be caught and corrected.

Phase Three: Quality Review After you have reviewed your Content Edit and submitted the updated version of your manuscript, we will perform a Quality Review service to check your work. This will not review the entire manuscript. Instead, an editor will check over all the revisions you made to the manuscript after the Content Edit in order to eliminate any errors or problems added during your revision.

If you’re ready for a comprehensive, complete edit of your entire book, then Developmental Editing is the service for you. This three-phase process usually takes eight to ten weeks to complete, not including any time you spend with the manuscript for review and revision.  The time is well worth it, though, because at the end, your book will have received the most extensive and beneficial editing services we provide. $0.0075 per word (5000 word minimum) 

This premium and comprehensive editorial service includes all the features of the Developmental Editing plus personalized interaction with an editorial consultant to discuss structural ideas, thoughts, and suggestions.
During the editing process, the editor may be in touch via online messaging to get clarification on any aspects of the manuscript which are unclear or don’t seem to fit in with the storyline or timeline.
After each of the first two stages of the Developmental Edit, you will be given the opportunity to speak via telephone with an Eye Edit Books editorial consultant. $0.01 per word (5000 word minimum)

 Eye Edit Books accepts only a very low margin of error in each completed edit – no more than two percent of the total errors found. Our professional in-house editorial staff reviews each editorial service for quality assurance. Upon reviewing your edited manuscript, if you believe that an unsatisfactory number of errors remain, please create a list of the errors and the page numbers on which they appear and email it to admin@eye-edit-books.com. We will review the list with you and address your concerns.