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Many people have an overwhelming desire to write. Some act on that desire but many let life get in the way of their dreams.

Until recently, even those who did manage to get their words on paper or into a computer had little chance of seeing it reach the bookstores.

The internet has changed all that. It is now easier than ever to self-publish and make your dreams come true. Not that there aren’t some pitfalls to avoid or problems to solve along the way.

That’s the goal of Eye Edit Books. We want to help you bypass the pitfalls, solve the problems and see your dreams become reality.  Click here to go to our Seeking New Authors page and tell us about your dream.

One thing you should know about us here at Eye Edit Books is that we prize honesty above all else. If your work is excellent we’ll tell you so. If it’s not so great, we’ll tell you that too. One thing we will not do is tell you, you have a “Best Seller” on your hands just to get your business. If we think your manuscript needs work we’ll tell you so. You must decide what to do about it.

Sincerely yours

William H. Gould
Senior Editor