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It is my great privilege to work with some fantastic writers and I welcome their words of praise when they feel so inclined. I might add, however, they’re not always so thrilled when I message them and say, “We have a problem.”  I guess I can’t really fault them for that.   William H. Gould

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Hussin Alkheder

Mr. Gould is editing my third book. This is our first time we are working together. With him I feel we are working as a team to make the book the best it can be. I live in Shanghai and despite the difference in time zones he has created a system which eradicated the distance between us. I liked his style of working and his manner. I feel he is the editor who will edit all my books from now on. I am so happy to have found him.

Hussin AlkhederMysteryShanghai, China
Michael M. Barker

Working with Bill has been an incredible experience and my book ‘Insignia’ is much better than it ever could have been without him. Bill is extremely thorough and often researches to check facts in the manuscript. He is also great on timelines and continuity. He picked up so many things I would never have seen, being too close to it, but always let me have the final decision. It is very much my writing, but it is the best it could have been thanks to Bill.

Michael M. BarkerMystery, ThrillerSydney, NSW
Judith Brooke

When I published my first book, I didn’t have an editor and now wish that I had. It’s so easy to skim over typos, poor phrasing, wrong words, mis-spelled word and any other issue that could take a book to a higher level and keep the reader reading. I found William on Facebook and I am grateful to him for his guidance and patience. If it weren’t for him, I’d still be self-editing.

Judith BrookeHistorical Fiction/Medicine Hat, AB
Michelle Compton

I found the advice given in the sample edit quite helpful. I’ll be applying it to other chapters, and hopefully, I’ll see you after my tax returns come in.

Michelle ComptonHistorical Fiction/VA
R. Castro

Thankful to have found William Gould when I did, early on in my writing career. We took a chance with each other, and so far, it’s worked out great! He’s extremely professional and easy to work with. Do not confuse this trait with his ability to edit like true professionals should edit.

I’m the type of client that does not like to mince words and appreciate his ability to adapt to this.

I’ve worked with another editor, and while I have nothing but good things to say about the other, I do recognize the differences in working preferences, and William’s is one that makes the editing process go as seamlessly as possible. In addition, communication is most certainly one of his strong points. Which I tremendously appreciate.

We are now working on my fifth project together, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

R. CastroYoung Adult, Fantasy, Contemporary Romance/Seattle, WA
Melonie Purcell

Mr. Gould to the rescue! When yet another reader pointed out yet another error that my previous editor had missed, this one a glaring homophone error of the worst kind, I went looking for help. Fortunately, Mr. Gould was there to save me. Not only did he do a brilliant job cleaning up my previously published work, he showed me what real editing looks like as we worked on my newest novel. Mr. Gould goes beyond punctuation and usage issues. He trims and fine tunes your manuscript until it shines. His methods are direct, but not pushy and working with him will make you a better writer. I actually cannot recommend him enough!

Melonie PurcellSci-fi, Fantasy, Young Adult/Las Vegas, NV
Angelique S. Anderson, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Steampunk, FL

I came to Mr. Gould after a season of failed editors, I had spent too much money with people who never should have been in the editing business. After being referred by a friend, I was hesitant to have yet another new editor, but Mr. Gould has been fantastic in every way! He always seems to know the right questions to ask and pushes me to always put my best work out there. He knows when I am off my game and doesn’t sugar coat it when he knows I am capable of more, it’s one of my favorite qualities. No one wants to hear they are the best writer in the world but having an editor who can help the writing be better while still keeping it in the author’s voice, is so important. I am on my fifth book with William Gould as my editor, and I hope he will edit many more for me!

Angelique S. AndersonSci-fi, Young Adult, Fantasy, Steampunk/Orlando, FL

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