Angelique S. Anderson, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Steampunk, FL

I came to Mr. Gould after a season of failed editors, I had spent too much money with people who never should have been in the editing business. After being referred by a friend, I was hesitant to have yet another new editor, but Mr. Gould has been fantastic in every way! He always seems to know the right questions to ask and pushes me to always put my best work out there. He knows when I am off my game and doesn’t sugar coat it when he knows I am capable of more, it’s one of my favorite qualities. No one wants to hear they are the best writer in the world but having an editor who can help the writing be better while still keeping it in the author’s voice, is so important. I am on my fifth book with William Gould as my editor, and I hope he will edit many more for me!

Angelique S. AndersonSci-fi, Young Adult, Fantasy, Steampunk/Orlando, FL