40 Romance Publishers That Accept Submissions Without an Agent

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For a long time it seemed like there was always another romance publisher springing out of the woodwork (and maybe even getting distribution with a big five publisher). That is no longer the case. More and more romance publishers have been closing their doors and fewer new publishers are replacing them.

In this list there are traditional print publishers, established romance stalwarts, up and coming eBook publishers, digital imprints of the big five publishers, and everything in between. We do not review publishers who have been around for less than a year. So all of these publishers have at least a small track record.

These publishers offer traditional book contracts, and a number of them offer advances. To learn more about the publisher, click on the link in their name; most of these link to our full review. The full review contains information about submission guidelines and links to their website.

Some of the publishers only publish romance, but many are also open to erotica. The list is in no particular order.

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