The Romance Writing Industry Is an Unexpected Content Marketing Innovator

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If your perception of romances stops at racy titles and the bare-chested, long-haired cover models of (mostly) yesteryear, you’re missing out on the industry’s greatest innovation story.

The romance publishing space loves great content marketing and has pioneered some of the best how-to content, community building, and value-driven outreach that I’ve seen. Let’s take a closer look at what’s really happening when romance publishers, authors, and readers get together digitally and beyond.

Confession time: I wrote my first romance a decade ago and have enjoyed a thriving career under a pen name in that space ever since. While I don’t mix my business writing and fiction writing, I’ve watched the industry unfold through a marketer’s lens, and that has definitely inspired some interesting experimentation on both sides of the business.

Before B2B and tech were even talking about content marketing, here are just a few trends that I witnessed in the romance industry:


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