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I often recommend books, courses, and services, but I seldom recommend physical products. That changed recently when I went looking for specific items to make my life easier.

I’ll start by saying I was forced to go back to work last year after six years of retirement, and ended up taking one of the few positions available to someone my age, security guard with the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires. Who knew my time in the Canadian Armed Forces in the seventies would pay off this late in life?

So, as part of my job, I do shifts in a wide variety of locations; hospitals, warehouses, Covid clinics, etc. Most shifts involve a lot of inactivity, just staying awake in case something happens.

I would like to take my laptop with me so I can work on my latest writing project or editing job, but not all shift locations are suitable to lug along a 17″ laptop and charger. Most of the time, I can work on my cell phone, which is a lot smaller and easier to take in my lunch bag. My problem is I tire quickly, working on the tiny keyboard, unlike many who can thumb-type with ease.

So I went looking for solutions and what I found begs to be shared with others who may be struggling with the same problem. Let me introduce you to my bluetooth mouse and folding bluetooth keyboard.  

Compact even in the box.
Comes with charge cord but no plug. I have too many plugs, anyway.



And here it is all set up. Talk about compact and oh so functional.

Now any bluetooth mouse you choose will probably work fine, but this keyboard is a work of art. Not only does it connect with your phone wirelessly, but it has a support to hold your phone in the ideal work position. You could use it for a talblet as well. I can perform all the same basic functions that I can on my laptop and the price is decent too.

Wanna take a look for yourself? Check out Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

{Full disclosure: If you make a purchase from my link, I will receive a small commission, but it will have no effect on the price you pay.}

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